Hi everybody, so here we go. This blog is meant to be a delicious map of Paris / a cultural/culinary travel-concierge if travel-concierge is a real word? Now that I finally got how to publish my maps thanks to a little help of my pal Sven I can let go of my old-fashioned way of drawing maps of Paris. ( Picture above, Paris/2012) The idea is to get my top 5 of restaurants of each cuisine to help you decide where to go. You will find an address book  with a map  and if you click on the marker a little window pops up and you can read why I like this particular place and what to expect there. This should look something like this:


I have been to all bars, restaurants and bistros myself and I tried to write a short summary why I liked this particular place to help you decide. As mentioned this blog’s idea is to save me some time thus don´t expect me write you an essay about life in Paris or to take award winning pictures but if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask. I always will do my best to help out.  Or if you want to publish a map of Paris yourself just drop me a line.

Hope you enjoy your stay in the City of Light! Lot´s of love and mighty meals, the Wishing-Table!