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August 2015

The Vietnamese/ Cambodian / Korean & Laotian Wishing-Table

Vietnamese food is a big hit in Paris, even the Chinese take-away will serve Bo(h) Bun ( noodles with beef) and so on… I have never been to Vietnam thus I can´t tell you if they do it right in Paris but I can tell you where I was happy with my meal. Same goes for Cambodian and Korean food. Actually in Beijing the student district Wudaokou is also called Little Korea thus I have had many evenings of delicious and fun Korean BBQ with friends but it´s not the same here… anyway delicious though is Bim Bim Bap at Ibaji. And Cyclo is a nice place for a casual first date while Le Grain du Riz is where I haven eaten most often. To know why click on the marker and read more. // Update 2015/2016: My new favourite Korean in town is Kim&Kim, the BBQ is fun, the food is great and the pricing is more than fair!

Kim & Kim / Metro Nation

My favourite Coreen in town. lunch set menu is perfect for 10€ or 12€. The pancakes, medusa salad and the BBQ are so good! It´s a very simple place, I thinks it´s the Dad and his son running the business, they are nice and the food is great!

Chez Alfred Lao Cuisine / Metro Chemin Vert

Beautiful decoration calming you instantly down once you take place in one of the comfy sofas, a real zen oasis! Food is good, good quality even though I had a bit trouble to see the particular lao tradition in the dishes. (For me it´s south east asian/ thai street food hence a bit pricy for what it is…) Lunch set menu comes at 15 or 20€ and portions are  generous. Alfred is very attentive and nice host.

Le Cambodge / Metro Daumesnil

My favourite Coreen in town. lunch set menu is perfect for 10€ or 12€. The pancakes, medusa salad and the BBQ are so good! It´s a very simple place, I thinks it´s the Dad and his son running the business but they are nice and the food is great!

Le Grain du Riz Metro Voltaire

There is a reason Le Fooding spotted this little gem serving yummy good and finally a place that doesn’t just serve Bun-bun. You are in treat if you have been bored by the other vietnamese places. The owner, a Vietnamese lady in her 60ties always has a big heart and serves you with a big smile. And she always offers me free dessert. 10-15 €

Cyclo Metro Belleville

Cosy place with good food. The ravioli soup is great but make reservations to get a spot. Expect 10-15 Euro per Person

Ibaji Metro Temple

The best bim bim bap in Paris. Also super delicious omelet and meat balls. Lunch set menu goes for 19€ ( kimchi, soup and bim bim bap) but I would recommend to order 1 single bim bim bap and 3 starters to share that´s enough for two and you end up paying the same but get to try more things. ( See picture) abt 40€ for 2

Paris Hanoi Metro Charonne

Expect to queue (especially for lunch) but you are rewarded with big portions and a menu that covers south east asian food.

Le Cambodge / Le Petite Cambodge Metro Concourt

Again, expect to queue and all the classics of vietnamese food in Paris but good quality and nice presentation.   Le Petite Cambodge is just around the corner:  20 Rue Alibert

Jules et Shim  Metro Jacques Borsergant 

Bim bim bap- choose your topping and eat your Korean lunch box there or take it out to canal Saint-Martin and catch some sun.

Les deux Cygnes Metro Bastille

Asian tapas and wine, as usually with tapas you end up with a big bill. Don´t go there hungry. But to pare yummy tapas with a good wine, yes this is a great place!

IMG_1679IMG_4826                                              Bim Bim Bap at Jules et Shim and the omelette at Ibaji


Century Eggs

This is a very powerful starter! The spicy sparkling sauce goes very well with the slightly salty / nutty, jelly-like eggs finished with the fresh cilantro. Century eggs are one of my favourite bites but sadly you hardly find them on a restaurants´s menu. But it´s really easy to do, it takes max. 10 min and you have a delicious and good looking starter for your Chinese meal on the table.

  • 2 preserved eggs
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 2 teaspoons water
  • 2 teaspoons rice vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • 1 medium clove garlic, sliced
  • 1 red thai chili, sliced
  • 1/3 cup chopped cilantro leaves

Peel, slice and arrange preserved eggs on plate. You can buy them in the Chinese supermarket, I prefer the duck eggs. Whisk vegetable oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, salt, sugar, chill and garlic. Pour over eggs and sprinkle with cilantro. Serve et voila!  Yummy!

IMG_7491 Century Eggs, green beans with sesame and fried chicken in 5-spice-powder. Served with rice. Quick and easy dinner for 2.

Chin chin in Paris

It´s summer time, the perfect time to sit on a terrace and enjoy a Kir Royal or a glass of wine. Paris is all about having a “petite verre” or a “petite café” meaning you can always make time for one glass with your friends or colleagues. There are endless options where to go for a sundowner aka apero in Paris. Here just a humble list of the once I haven´t forgotten… 😉

Here how to read this drinking map:
red markers- bars
raspberry markers – bars with terrace/patio
mauve markers- clubs for dancing
purple markers – coffee shops


Le Cave 11ieme Domaine ♥ 14 rue des trois bornes / Metro Parmentier

Aux Follies ♥ 8 Rue de Belleville/ Metro Belleville

Udo ♥ 4 Rue Neuve Popincourt‬ / Metro Parmentier

La Feline ♥ 6 Rue Victor Letalle / Metro Ménilmontant

Le Cinquante ♥ 50 Rue de Lancry / Metro Jacques Bonsergent

Bar Ourcq ♥ 68 Quai de la Loire / Metro Ourcq

Inaro 38 Rue René Boulanger / Metro République

Les Idiots 115 Boulevard Ménilmontant / Metro Ménilmontant

Le Kitsch 10 Rue Oberkampf / Metro Oberkampf

Piment Cafe 15 Rue de Sévigné / Metro St. Paul

Le Roi de Pique 126 rue du Temple / Metro Art et Metiers

Le Mauri7 46 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis / Metro Strasbourg St Denis

Le Cannibale 93 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud / Metro Couronnes

Lou Pascalou 14 Rue des Panoyaux / Metro Ménilmontant

L`Entract 26 Rue de Beaujalais / Metro Bourse

A Jean Nicot 173 Rue Saint Honoré / Metro Palais Royal Musee du Louvre

Experimental Cocktail Club 37 Rue Saint-Sauveur / Metro Sentier

La Badaboum 4 Rue des Taillandiers / Metro Bastille

Bars with terrace

Ô Paris ♥ 1 Rue des Envierges / Metro Pyrénées

La Sardine ♥ 32 Rue Sainte-Marthe / Metro Belleville

Restaurant Les mondes Bohèmes ♥ 31 Rue des Vignoles / Metro Buvenzal

Aux Follies ♥ 8 Rue de Belleville / Metro Belleville

Rosa Bonheur ♥ Parc des Buttes Chaumont 2 avenue des Cascades / Métro Botzaris

Vieux Comptoir du Cap Horn ♥ 8 Rue de Birague Metro St Paul / Place de Voges

Les Nautes 1 Quai des Célestins / Metro Sully Morland

L’Etoile Manquante 34 Rue Vieille du Temple‬ /Metro St Paul

Le Voltigeur 43 Rue des Franc Borgeois / Metro St Paul

Le Cactus 28 Rue des Archives / Métro Hôtel de Ville

Café Crème 4 Rue Dupetit-Thouars / Metro Temple

Le Pick-Clops 16 Rue Vieille du Temple /Metro St Paul

Café des Anges 66 Rue de la Roquette Metro Bastille

Le Grand Bleu 11 boulevard de la Bastille Port de l’Arsenal / Metro Bastille

Chez Prosper 7 Avenue du Trône / Metro Nation

Le Solei levant 196 Boulevard de Charonne / Metro Philippe-Auguste

L’ Artiste 153 Rue de la Roquette / Metro Voltaire or Philippe-Auguste

Other places/ streets filled with cafes, bars and terraces.

  • Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, Metro St Paul
  • Village Saint Paul, Metro St. Paul
  • Cour des Pétites.Écuries / (p.a. Cafe Tribal) Metro Strasbourg St Denis
  • Rue Dupetit-Thouars / Rue de la Corderie / (p.a. Le Gourmand) Metro Temple
  • Rue Oberkampf / Rue Terau / Metro Parmetier
  • Rue de la Roquette/ Rue Charonne Metro Voltaire/ Metro Bastille
  • Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
  • Musée de l’histoire de l’immigration

Coffeeshops/ Café 

Café Chilango ♥ 82 Rue de la Folie Méricourt / Metro Parmentier

The Tiny Café ♥ 11 rue Daval / Metro Bastille/ Breguet Sabin

Café Smörgås ♥ 11 Rue du Château d’Eau / Metro Republique

Piment Café ♥ 15 Rue de Sévigné / Metro St. Paul

Chez moi ou chez toi ♥ 3 Rue du Général Renault / Metro Saint Ambroise

La Feé Verte 108 Rue de la Roquette / Metro Voltaire

La petite table 27 Rue de Saintonge / Metro Filles du Calvaires

Café Marlette 51 rue du Martyrs / Metro Pigalle

The Japanese Wishing-Table

Who does´t love Japanese food? And I am not talking sushi, actually you never will see me ordering sushi. But I love udon, teppanyaki, tempura, izakaya, curry, sashimi and the pickled stuff. The perfection of balancing favours just baffles me! Once in Tokyo we* have been to this restaurant where on the menu every ingredient used had a note who produced it. The carrots come from Mr. Takahashi in the mountains of Adatara and so on. The baby pineapple baked in salt with a shot of Sake and the asperges with the green jelly tofu almost made me cry. It was just divine. Oh and the Katsu we had in Kyoto after getting lost in Iniri Shrine and the Silvern Pavillion garden… I could go on and on about the beauty of Japan but I have done that already in my book. Well back to Paris, we are lucky to have great amazing chefs who bring us Japan right into the City of Light. Go to the Japanese Quarter and just pick a place, most of them are specialised in something like soba or soup or teppanyaki. Just stroll down Rue Sainte-Anne and if Aki, Higuma and Hokkaido are already packed and people are queuing try the side streets… with a little bit of luck you get a table somewhere.

Le Comptoir Japonaise ♥ Metro Oberkampf / Parmentier

Organic, Japanese , homemade food in an architects home. they produce as much as possible themselves on their own organic farm ( hence they are closed during harvest season) The food was sublime, you usually need a reservation on the weekend but she took as in an cooked spontaneously a risotto with clams for us. We had a nice chat, superb fresh and delicious food and left with a big smile!

Aki ♥ Metro Pyramides

To die for! The omelette and the pickled eggplants! Had many romantic dinners at the bar. (Don´t expect a very romantic setting though, it´s a busy, simple place like many others in the Japanese Quarter, yet it is somehow a special place to me… reminds me of Kyoto maybe…) Expect abt 35-40 € for 2 including sake and beer. Or 12 € per person for lunch set menu.

Kiku ♥ Metro: Grand Boulebards, Cadet or Notre Dame de Lorette

Just divine! Exactly what you expect from Japanese cuisine: to tickle your palate to joy! Dinner set menu 5 courses: 57 Euro per person

6036  Metro Couronnes / Parmentier

Think izakaya! Japanese finger food/tapas, every evening 10 creations plus 3 desserts, dish for 3,50 to 22 thus count 30-40 Euro each including sake or wine

Kunitoriyaya Metro Palais Royal / Pyramides

Handmade Udon noodles in a cool bar. Expect to queue for lunch time or arrive sharp at noon.

Rue Sainte-Anne – Metro Pyramides

Higuma, Hokkaido and so on… just decide if you like udon, soba or soups….or BBQ and choose the place accordingly.

*In memories of Japan with Rina

The Chinese Wishing-Table

Chinese food is somehow my comfort food. When I think of cold winter days I long for hot pot. And pretty often I long for Di San Xian – the 3 treasures of the Earth, my favourite dish back “home” in Beijing. Soup with Jiaozi (ravioli) is one of the first things I have in mind when I think of Shanghai, this hot, fantastic, humid, earthy to mustiness smelling place with a purple sky. I still haven´t found any place that is serving Di San Xian in Europe thus I make it myself. But I have found a few decent places that serve decent Chinese food. And I even found my beloved century eggs/ 皮蛋 (black preserved eggs). Thanks to a huge Chinese Community in Paris you can find not everything but almost everything here!

Chez Xu / Metro Art et Métiers  (2016)

Great surprise in old China town of Paris. Squeeze in on own of the tables and have some real chinese food! abt 10€ per person

Mum Dim Sum / Metro Palais Royal/ Les Halles

cantonese take away, a bit expensive for what it is… but dim sum tends to be expensive in Europe. At least good quality,  funky dim sum of the month and a nice setting. 10-15€ without drinks.

Deux fois plus piment /Metro Richard-Lenoir

Hmm, so spicy! The Sichuan ravioli are just delicious. Young Asian crowd who loves spicy food is usually hanging out here mixed with some first dates and people from the neighborhood. I have been coming back to this place several times. It´s really good even though you should´t be in a hurry. Service is slow and it´s always packed thus consider making a reservation or come early. 15-20€ p.p. Lunch set menu during the week from 6-9€ ( They have opened a 2nd shop in the Marais called Trois fois plus piment)

Ravioli Chinoise Nord-Est /  Metro Belleville

Just feeling like back home in Beijing. Due to recommendations in the Lonely Planet filled with English speakers but still the best ravioli in town in a little shop filled with neon light. The owners are very nice. Don´t miss out on the medusa salad! 5-10€ p.p.

Nanchang /  Metro Charonne

Chinese BBQ and Nanchang clay pot soup in a retro place- think Mao posters and culture revolution decoration including plats and mugs. Young Chinese student crowd. Only opens for dinner. 10-20€ p.p.

Un grand Bol / Metro Belleville

Real Chinese food , very tasty and another gem in the sadly mediocre Chinese restaurant scene of Belleville. 15-20€ p.p

Le Celeste Gourmand  / Metro Hotel de Ville

Serves black eggs, also called Century eggs or 皮蛋! Yummy! Also got good marmite pots. Good pricing, especially for the area. 20€ + p.p

Au Poivre du Szechuan / Metro Belleville

Again spicy! And lot´s of cumin. But that´s what the heart wants when looking for Szechuan food. The lamb dish is very good. Approx. 15 €

The Thai Wishing-Table

Thai cuisine is brilliantly complex tasting and known for it is amazing balance of sour, sweet, spicy, bitter and salty. Every dish is supposed to balance these flavours therefore you find a pinch of salt in your mango juice and even something is burning hot there might be the sweetness of peanuts or the fresh lemon to balance the spiciness. When you eat with Thai people you should not be surprised to talk about food the entire dinner, maybe just about one dish. I have witnessed hours of discussion about the perfect fish head soup from which are the right ingredients to who does it best his grandmother or this restaurant or someone at the table. There is a genuine enthusiasm in Thai culture for food and cooking that is just adorable. And Thai cuisine offers a wide range of fresh and surprising dishes that you get tired trying more. But after living a year in Thailand I got very picky and too often I am disappointed how the chef adjusted the dish to the western tongue… fair enough as he has a business he needs to keep going but sad for my palate. No, actually it´s sad for everybody, Thai cuisine is delicious and people should open up to the fireworks of spices on their tongue. So about once a week I make a Thai soup or Thai curry at home from scratch. And when I say from scratch I mean it, I´d never use a Thai curry paste from the shop. If I don´t have the time yet long for some hopefully exciting food I might go to one of these places:

Nom Nom  Metro Richard-Lenoir

Little old thai lady serving fish in banana leaves, chicken curry, sticky sticks and yummy coconut balls. Expect 4-6 euro for lunch.

Doi Suthep (traiteur)  Metro Richard Lenoir

Delivers the food to Doi Suthep Restaurant (No.36) down the street but here you pay less and have bigger portions. Expect 5-10 Euro including drinks.

Lao Siam  Metro Belleville

Try the “crying Tiger” if you like it spicy!Tthis place has good food, nice staff and is always busy. Make an reservation if you don´t wanne queue for dinner.  Good place for dates or with a bunch of friends. Approx. 20€ p.p.

Madame Shawn  Metro Jacques-Borsengent

Upscale Thai if you need to pamper yourself in a nice setting. But a tasty curry without rice will cost you 12-15 Euro. Not easy on the wallet. Approx. 30 € p.p.

The French Wishing-Table


Juveniles Metro Palais Royal- Louvre / Pyramides/ Opera

My favourite French place and my “safe place” for food when I am in need of an uplighting meal- which I was a lot during my pregnancy! French-scottish family restaurant. Everything is good but the chefs strong suit is the main dish. I have been there at least 10 times and every time I was happy and surprised of how a classic dish can be presented with a new twist without going crazy fusion. Mains are always a yes and for dessert the hot crumble with caramel whipped cream is also mouth watering. Lunch set menu: main + wine + coffee for 16,50€ or 20-28€ main dish , starters and dessert 7-11€. For wines talke to Margaux. Make a reservation if you wanna be sure to get a table! And don´t be scared of dogs if you are planning on lunch or dinner here.

L’ Epi d`Or Metro Louvre-Rivoli

Oh what a steak! Great for a romantic dinner and a satisfying dinning experience with kind service, cosy interior including candles on the table. Count about 25 for a main dish, thus 40-50 per person with drinks and dessert.

Bouche B  Metro Hotel de Ville

French cuisine trying to be not too heavy in a Berlin style stetting, 35€ the set menu. Every time I had dinner there I left happy. It´s famous for brunch, but I never made it…

L’ Estimet  Metro Ménilmontant

French countryside feeling thanks to the decorations, great food. My favourite was poached egg in Fois gras soup.  Nice place for a date. 70-80 € for 2 including wine.

Bistro Beaubourg 25 Rue Quincampoix / Metro Rambuteau / Hotel de Ville

Classic French bistro – think steak tartar, lamp chops and so on with fries, starters like leek in vinaigrette , hareng or eggs with mayonnaise and homemade mouse au chocolate and tarte tartin (upside down apple pie). Can it get any more traditional? Keeping the pricing fair and down in an otherwise expensive tourist area. Ok with children.

Cafe Truc – Cuisine de bonne femme 8 Rue Froment / Metro Breguet Sabin

Think your French grandmother is cooking. Traditional family cooking, very good, nice service and decoration. Great cheese and ham selection. 25-35€ per person.

Les Niçois  Metro St Ambroise

Sitting outside in the sun for lunch having South-French lunch and a perfect coffee! What more to ask for? Petanque in the basement. 14 Euro 2 courses for lunch. Sunday evenings: BBQ

Le Pas Sage Metro Etienne Marcel

French cuisine, surprising presentation , fresh good products. Menu du degustation 55 Euro or starter 10-15€, main 22-29€ and dessert 9 -11€

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie  Metro Etienne Marcel

A French classic in the heart of Paris, I myself find it a bit pricy but fair enough for the corner. Solid french cooking. 8-25 Euro a dish. Think fois gras ravioli and duck breast dishes…

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