Who does´t love Japanese food? And I am not talking sushi, actually you never will see me ordering sushi. But I love udon, teppanyaki, tempura, izakaya, curry, sashimi and the pickled stuff. The perfection of balancing favours just baffles me! Once in Tokyo we* have been to this restaurant where on the menu every ingredient used had a note who produced it. The carrots come from Mr. Takahashi in the mountains of Adatara and so on. The baby pineapple baked in salt with a shot of Sake and the asperges with the green jelly tofu almost made me cry. It was just divine. Oh and the Katsu we had in Kyoto after getting lost in Iniri Shrine and the Silvern Pavillion garden… I could go on and on about the beauty of Japan but I have done that already in my book. Well back to Paris, we are lucky to have great amazing chefs who bring us Japan right into the City of Light. Go to the Japanese Quarter and just pick a place, most of them are specialised in something like soba or soup or teppanyaki. Just stroll down Rue Sainte-Anne and if Aki, Higuma and Hokkaido are already packed and people are queuing try the side streets… with a little bit of luck you get a table somewhere.

Le Comptoir Japonaise ♥ Metro Oberkampf / Parmentier

Organic, Japanese , homemade food in an architects home. they produce as much as possible themselves on their own organic farm ( hence they are closed during harvest season) The food was sublime, you usually need a reservation on the weekend but she took as in an cooked spontaneously a risotto with clams for us. We had a nice chat, superb fresh and delicious food and left with a big smile!

Aki ♥ Metro Pyramides

To die for! The omelette and the pickled eggplants! Had many romantic dinners at the bar. (Don´t expect a very romantic setting though, it´s a busy, simple place like many others in the Japanese Quarter, yet it is somehow a special place to me… reminds me of Kyoto maybe…) Expect abt 35-40 € for 2 including sake and beer. Or 12 € per person for lunch set menu.

Kiku ♥ Metro: Grand Boulebards, Cadet or Notre Dame de Lorette

Just divine! Exactly what you expect from Japanese cuisine: to tickle your palate to joy! Dinner set menu 5 courses: 57 Euro per person

6036  Metro Couronnes / Parmentier

Think izakaya! Japanese finger food/tapas, every evening 10 creations plus 3 desserts, dish for 3,50 to 22 thus count 30-40 Euro each including sake or wine

Kunitoriyaya Metro Palais Royal / Pyramides

Handmade Udon noodles in a cool bar. Expect to queue for lunch time or arrive sharp at noon.

Rue Sainte-Anne – Metro Pyramides

Higuma, Hokkaido and so on… just decide if you like udon, soba or soups….or BBQ and choose the place accordingly.

*In memories of Japan with Rina