Instead of doing maps with the top ten of the best restaurants I write from now on about particular restaurants and add them to the exciting maps.

Last weekend we discovered a new Chinese restaurant in the 12ème. The place is brand-new, no decorations, just clean white walls and an open kitchen. The lady-boss is a very nice person. They are from the North, close to Beijing and offer a homemade, fresh North-Chinese cuisine. The raviolis are homemade- nothing to do with this frozen big pack raviolis you usually get served. For my friend the vegetable raviolis were a bit too close to real Chinese taste, not westernised at all. It was delicious ! lol I had homemade noodles with ZhiaJiang Sauce… so yummy. For me, as I used to live in Beijing several years, this was like time traveling. Just getting through this door I felt like stepping back in time and into Beijing. I was so happy! Don´t expect a huge menu, it´s a fine selection of a few raviolis, salads and noodles with sauce or in a soup. But it´s typical Northern style and it´s fresh and homemade! And just so good!!!! I am happy to announce that we finally have a Chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood!

For 2 abt 24 Euro (soups, raviolis, 2 mains) Kid-Friendly

Adresse: Lychee 51 Rue General Michel Bizot, 75012 Paris /  Metro Michel Bizot , Bus 87, 46