So, yes France has to offer so many delicious things and we all praise the French for their good taste in food and fashion but when it comes to coffee, the palate of rest of the world and the French do differ utterly! Most of the time it just tastes burnt, sometimes acid. And leaves you wondering how after such a sublime meal someone can serve you this brown juice?! The moment you wish you would be in London, Berlin, Bangkok, Rom, Sidney or New York is when you get your coffee after your meal. But the last years here and there some coffee shops are popping up trying to change the French palate. Thanks to the baristas of all over the world good coffee is finally arriving in the City of Light too.

On this list, I just put those coffee shops I can remember even a year later for being so good. There are many nice coffee shops with good cakes and a coffee you can´t say anything against but that would be a different map.

For those of you who need good coffee at their breakfast at home, I highly recommend checking out my favourite coffee roaster Guiraud Pascale (Metro Dugommier or Daumesnil). (Also if you are looking for a coffee grinder this is the place to look and ask- and buy! On another note: Don´t just ask for advice in order to buy it online- it´s so sad to see all these little shops close down because people come and ask for advice but buy it online for 2€ less- seriously?!) Personally, we love our  Aidodo Burr Coffee Grinder- it´s a like morning meditation to grind coffee and if it´s too much you can keep the lower part in the fridge. Perfect.

The list:

Nanashi We did not only have a fantastic healthy lunch here but the coffee after was was so good, we ordered a second one! Nice to know, there is a little kids corner.

Café Chilango This little Mexican coffee shop is serving tacos and a really good coffee! Very chillaxed!


Delirio The coffee was really good, I had a cortado and it was how it´s supposed to be and even well presented. They have a big choice on coffee styles, they also do empanadas, lunch and cakes. In the basement they have this huge wallpaper of a forest that makes it pretty chill and many little rocking chairs. (Perfect with children) Apparently they also do offer workshops and  you can buy some coffee beans (Columbian Arabica) there too. Pricing is normal for quartier when it comes to coffee. The only drop of bitterness was that we had asked for a little bit of extra milk foam for the baby and we got billed 4€ which is surprising and was a real downer. Usually in Paris it´s free or sometimes they charge you 50Cent or 1€, but 4€?!? I should have ordered one of their fancy passion fruit smoothies instead. 😉  (Picture above)

The beans on Fire This is one of these new hip cafe/coffee roaster places. It´s very upscale, don´t go if you are on a budget but the coffee is really good and there is a little parc just opposite the street. Hello sunshine! (If you ar looking a a piece of cake to go with it I´d rather recommend the bakery Broken Biscuits or the café Chez moi ou chez toi , it´s kind of next door.)

Cafe CC also called Coffee is the new black: It´s a cute ,little coffee shop, nothing fancy but nice. They are serving the coffee from the roaster “Belleville Brulerie” and it´s really good.

Cafe Spoune This little street has been changing a lot of the last years and is now occupied with many good eateries, libraries, wine shops etc. Cafe Spoune is one of the coffee shops serving good coffee and cookies. The backroom is nice and space with a little library-bring a book – take a book. Or just bring books. (Btw enough space for a stroller.) Another cozy cafe down the street is Folks and Sparrows.

Les Carottes sont cuites is a cute, warm tea salon serving homemade delicious cakes and lunch. Decent coffee and books for kids.


Chambelland is a gluten free bakery with a nice sunny terrace- perfect for a good coffee and a delicious, low-sugar  moelleux au chocolate. (Picture above)

Coffee roasters:

Guiraud Pascale This is my coffee roaster of trust! It´s not one of these hipster places that are popping up all over Paris the last 12 months. No, Mr. Guiraud and his wife have been there for decades providing the most delicious coffee beans from all over the world. And teas and jams, honey and rare finds like tonca beans. You need to bring some time cause a chat about good food and coffee is obligaorty. PS: For pregnant or breastfeeding Mums: the decaf is delicious here, has nothing to do with the acid tasting and full of sulphite coffee from the supermarkets!

Terres de Café Tiny shop (no seating) serving coffee and selling coffee. When you are shopping on the farmers market and you need a quick good coffee to get going this is perfect.


Recommended by Gesine:

Bears and Racoons is serving gluten free food and good coffee.

Mokonuts  Cafe und bakery with delicious cookies, cakes, coffee and lemonade. Warm, welcoming place. Only open during the week though.

Le Poutch : Espressso latte, filter coffee, homemade pastries and juices- all you need for breakfast. For lunch they serves quiches, salad and soups. Typical cool coffeeshop in a hip area/street.

Kind of next door: Hollybelly around since 2013 known for their pancake breakfast they do serve too coffee from “Belleville Brulerie”. The menu is changing monthly.

Lomi – have a coffee or start a training as a barista!