Why it´s called the Wishing Table?
It´s an object in an old German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm: “He but placed his wooden table in the middle of the room, and said, little table, spread yourself. Instantly it was covered with food, so good that the host could never have procured it, and the smell of it ascended pleasantly to the nostrils of the guests.” So, who wouldn´t wish when he is starving in a city that he would have such a wishing table… offering you the inside of all the tables I have tried in Paris is the closest I can get you.
Why now this blog? 
Well, to be honest to save time and to share my love for food and travel. Pretty often I get emails and requests of friends or neighbours of friends or  from the hitchhiker on his way to Paris someone  I know gave a ride… And these emails always content the questions what to do in Paris, where to eat and so on. Every request of course is different thus I end up reseaching or planning the perfect 2 days in Paris, or a “bistro guide” or a “fun with kids in Paris tour” for hours… and that takes a lot of time. Now I can just say, here check out my blog where you find a map and an adress book of my favourite places. Voila! As I want to save time don´t expect me to write essays here nor to take and photoshop pictures for hours… Sorry but a quick iPhone shot seems fair enough. To share the love for food & forgein cultures and places doesn´t need any explaintion. As it is called delicious maps& more I might post about other stuff… whatever else gets my attention these days.
About me
A food loving Christmas-fan(natic) who always has itchy feed
I do believe in food. Everybody needs something to believe in and one of the things I believe in is food. No matter how fucked up a day was coming home, chopping vegetables, cooking something delicious makes the blues go away. And the best thing is you get to make others happy too. One of my favourite things to do is to host dinner parties, to share a good meal, a good wine and a good laugh.
This trust in cooking properly is rooted in my childhood memories, in our family one of the important rules was to show up at home at 6pm for supper. But on weekends and holidays being in the kitchen also ment bonding with my Dad. Sometimes he brought it on himself to try this crazy long and difficult recipe and I would be allowed to sit in and to help. He is what you can really call a gourmet, from little age on he let me smell the different wines and made a game to guess the palate and when I was 10 he showed me how to empty a fish. Thanks Dad!
My years in China I spent as a Restaurant Manager/Chef/Catering Supervisor. I loved that job, making people happy with food. Organising everything in the background, managing the heat & chaos in the kitchen, the fascinating process of a veggie growing in the fields to ending up in the customers mouth leaving a smile. It was all just exciting fun too me. And of course I loved the after parties…
I like my food honest, fresh and organic. When I cook at home it´s often with nostalgia of my childhood (Italian cuisine) or the nostalgia of the good times in Asia or South-America.
This is simply me, I just love to create, to learn and to share!
I hope you enjoy these posts and your bits and travels!