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Best Northern-Chinese Cuisine in town

Instead of doing maps with the top ten of the best restaurants I write from now on about particular restaurants and add them to the exciting maps.

Last weekend we discovered a new Chinese restaurant in the 12ème. The place is brand-new, no decorations, just clean white walls and an open kitchen. The lady-boss is a very nice person. They are from the North, close to Beijing and offer a homemade, fresh North-Chinese cuisine. The raviolis are homemade- nothing to do with this frozen big pack raviolis you usually get served. For my friend the vegetable raviolis were a bit too close to real Chinese taste, not westernised at all. It was delicious ! lol I had homemade noodles with ZhiaJiang Sauce… so yummy. For me, as I used to live in Beijing several years, this was like time traveling. Just getting through this door I felt like stepping back in time and into Beijing. I was so happy! Don´t expect a huge menu, it´s a fine selection of a few raviolis, salads and noodles with sauce or in a soup. But it´s typical Northern style and it´s fresh and homemade! And just so good!!!! I am happy to announce that we finally have a Chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood!

For 2 abt 24 Euro (soups, raviolis, 2 mains) Kid-Friendly

Adresse: Lychee 51 Rue General Michel Bizot, 75012 Paris /  Metro Michel Bizot , Bus 87, 46




Baby-friendly restaurants in Paris

This map features baby-friendly restaurants (some with changing table or high chairs) as well as some ideas what to do with children in Paris. We never had any problem dining out with our baby, the French are very baby friendly, actually a baby is the perfect icebreaker here. Also breastfeeding was never a problem, I never had any bad reactions in public or in a restaurant, quite the opposite, some people encourage you and tell you how beautiful it is that some Mums still decide to breastfeed. And even most places have no changing table or high chair people were relaxed about the baby and we always found a solution for the nappy change.

Red markers: baby friendly restaurant / bistro (no changing table/ no high chair)

Blue markers: restaurant with changing table available

Yellow markers: restaurant with high chairs available

Green markers: things to do or see with kids

Lemon green markers: playgrounds



A very hungry caterpillar in the City of Light

Here the complete map of my favourite places in Paris 2013/2014. I will do an update with new discoveries from 2015/2016 soon. For details click no the marker as usual! Happy New Year!

Around the world in Paris

Again French tonight? Nah… again Italian or Vietnamese? Japanese you just had last week? And Chinese with your colleagues? Sometimes you need something different for a change. Paris is the perfect place to try the plates from around the world. How about time travelling and going to for Armenian family cooking tonight? I love trying new favours and dishes therefore one of my rules of what to order is I take the thing I have never heard of before and if I prepare that myself at home quiet often I don´t order it in a restaurant. I go out dinning to experience something different. To be honest, sometimes I end up starring at the other one´s plate who ordered something “safe”. But sometimes I am filled with frolic joy of discovering a new palate or a vegetable I haven´t ever seen before. And it makes me happy like a little girl on Christmas. Hence I should especially mention Les balades gourmandes de Mehdi Kabboul at le Bistro Méricourt : the best dinner I have had in a very long time! A talented and kind chef who prepares a surprise dinner for you. And they were so sweet preparing everything extra for me due to my pregnancy. The service was great, very attentive with a big smile and nice fun conversation to guess what the chef had prepared for us. All 4 of us had a fun night out and decided to next time order the 5 courses menu instead of the 3 courses! Food was just divine and I was told that the wine went perfectly with it. My discovery of the evening the “fleur de capre”- very yummy. The chef and the service team won my heart by storm! We will be back!


Bar du Marché ♥ Metro Bastille

We had a blast! Come here on a Sunday after the market and try to get a spot on the bar with the workers from the market finishing their day of with a glass of wine. Or get a table and try one of Chef Nathalie`s great dishes with fresh ingredients from the market. The makes 2 starters, 2 main and 2 dessert on the spot, we were very pleased. The bar was packed, people were great, everybody loved our baby us she was entertained and we stayed more than 3h there. Highly recommend! Perfect lunch for a Sunday and to get a feeling why the 11th is the best!

MamaBali  Metro Saint-Maur / St.-Ambroise

This spa serves a great indonesian lunch set menu for 14€. Very friendly place with a Zen atmosphere , fresh food, balinese style. (baby-friendly lunch) They also sell a combo of massage/ spa and detox lunch if you need to pamper yourself on a rainy day in Paris… and we all know there are many rainy days here.

Bistro Méricourt ♥ Metro Saint-Ambroise / Richard Lenoir

Les balades gourmandes de Mehdi Kabboul – @ le bistro méricourt : the best dinner I have had in a very long time! Talented chef, great service & divine food. Go if you need to pamper yourself! It´s a menu de degustation for 35€ or 55€, next time I take the 55 one cause it was so worth it! Such a fun dinner, you get to guess what the chef prepared for you. And they were so sweet matching everything to my pregnancy! I´ll be back!

Dune ♥ (Mediterranean/vegan options)   Metro Bastille

Lovely restaurant , Mediterranean decor, super friendly service, really good food with a nice twist. Plus the kitchen changes things for you even during the busy lunch hours, like creating something warm and vegetarian. Lunch menu comes at 15€, perfect value deal. Dinner is a big expensive in comparison. But one of the cleanest and biggest toilets I have ever seen in Paris… Perfect to catch up with a friend for lunch. Crowded with Parisian mid twenties to mid thirties working around Bastille. 15€ lunch & abt 35€ dinner per person.

Afghanistan ♥  Metro Saint-Ambroise / Saint-Maur

Lots of cardamon, cumin and coriander. I had a delicious lamb on quince in lemon /coriander sauce. Make a reservation, this cosy place with afghan music playing gets packed and be ready that service is very, very slow. You should have at least 3h for your dinner and expect to pay 25-30€ p.p.

Maison de la culture Arménienne ♥   Metro Cadet

Hiding in a courtyard you step into another time, it´s a bit like time traveling back to Soviet Union with Stalin posters and men smoking cigars playing poker. We ate well, including 3 courses each, Armenian beer and coffee we payed 45 Euro for 3 people!

Les Délices d’Aphrodite  Metro Censier-Daubenton

Upscale greek in the 5th. For the first time I liked greek food which usually for my taste is too fat/oily or a bit boring with plain rice. Not the case here, good surprise but kind of pricy. (abt 90€ for 2 people)

El Guacamole ♥  Metro Jacques Boersergent

This Brazilian place calls it´s cooking “cuisine creative” and that´s what you get: Brazilian with a french twist, well presented. Reservations recommended and be prepared for Parisian portions.
Lunch Set menu: 15 or 20 Euro. Monday to Friday 12-14.30 Thursday and Friday: 19:30-22:30

Le Comptoir General Metro Jacques Boersergent

Restaurant, bar, museum, flea market and garden in one place. Some people say it has a Berlin vibe. Food : stuff like fried bananas and chicken wings African style. Entrance: you will be asked for a donation

The Sunken Chip  Metro Jacques Boersergent

Sometimes fish and chips is the only comfort food that will do. Of course homemade is the best but here you will be happy too. Set menu 14 Euro, for children 10 Euro.

Paris Lisboa Metro Ledru Rollin

Wine bar with a la carte menu : starters 6 Euro, mains 12 , desserts 2-8. Sun at noon to sip your coffee and relax like in Lisboa while watching this very busy and hip corner of Paris.

My Food  Metro Robespierre

South-African BBQ! Not for vegetarians. It´s all abt meat here. Carnivore galore!

Tempero Metro Chevaleret

The Brazilian place calls it´s cooking “cuisine creative” and that´s what you get: Brazilian with a french twist, well presented. Reservations recommended and be prepared for Parisian portions.
Lunch Set menu: 15 or 20 Euro. Monday to Friday 12-14.30 Thursday and Friday: 19:30-22:30

Café Smörgras  Metro République

Serving Swedish, organic lunch and cinnamon rolls. This is a cosy, clean place to take a break from busy “République”. They have a daily soup and different topped dark bread slices, apple juice, tee and filtered coffee. The coffeeshop is part of the boutique “La Trésorerie” where you find  high quality products for your home made in Europe. Take a peak! From carpets and cushions to knifes and paint. Lunch is 8-14€.  By the way in case you are now in a shopping mood or you are looking for a present just across the street you will find Jamini , a boutique offering beautiful scarfs made out of peace silk (like the Buddhist monks wear), pillows and plaids. The owner is very nice and does the designs herself.

Best Burger in town

Sometimes only a burger will do!

The Italian Wishing-Table

Oh, Italian food… Italy, this place of nostalgia and estival dreams contributes the world with a truly delicious and diversified cuisine. Uncountable varieties of dishes with tomatoes and garlic haul out a yum of everybody´s mouth! I basically grew up with Italian food, till today my Mum makes a mouthwatering lasagna when we kids come home. That´s properly why Italian dishes make me feel homy. But I truly admire the variety of their cooking. Here in Paris my favourite places are Acquolina in Bocca where you should try the sardines with slow cooked onion rings and raisins. The pumpkin ricotta mushroom lasagna was also very remarkable. La Dispensa is my find of 2015. The menu changes all the time, they focus on umbrian cuisine. Both serve organic wines. Just this weekend I stumbled across a new place close to Place des Voges where I had the most delicious pizza with truffles and the best panna cotta with limoncello sauce ever in Paris. I will quickly add the place to the map.

Il Goto / Metro Dugommier

New upscale Italian, bit cold deco but nice food in a food desert area. High quality ingredients cooked with a twist, you will find dished like pasta with goat meat and mint leaves or black polenta with scampi on the menu. No pizza or lasagna 😉

Acquolina in Bocca ♥  Metro Saint-Ambroise

Delicious organic, homemade food, main courses under 15€! With terrace and boutique. Safe bet!      CLOSED!!!

La Dispensa ♥  Metro République 

Oh my god! This little joint is just awesome and in the run to become my favourite place of the year 2015. Food is delicious, made with love, wines are organic, decor is great, prices are fair and the service is kind with a big smile. What else can you ask for? (A dish comes for less than 15€.)

Café Martini ♥  Metro Bastille or Chemin Vert

After renovations a cosy place with Moroccan lamps and a typical Italian counter where I have had one of the best”creme deca” (coffee) in Paris. Nice atmosphere with people taking their espresso at the bar. If you are having lunch you can sit down on one of the tables. I tried an amazing pizza with black truffles for 8€ and the best Panna cotta with limoncello cream I have had in town. starters/tapas and desserts come for 7-13€ and main are between 18 and 25€. I was happy with 1 tapas plus 1 dessert. Absolutely would recommend this place, even the service could be bit quicker and attentive… especially when you are with kids. Not that they are not nice but you got the feeling they are still rookies in the business. 😉

Le Camion a Pizzas / 104 / Metro Riquet 

Great pizza for 10€

L`Osteria dell Anima  Metro Oberkampf

Homemade fresh pasta, great food, but moody service, does´t take reservations for more than 4.

Il Prezzemolo  Metro Filles du Calvaire

Nice for a sundowner, good antipasti, but packed with people. More a bar than a restaurant. Space for big groups.

I Cugini Metro Poissoiniere or Gare du l´Est

Cosy place and no disappointments, pasta, pizza and wine good and affordable, good for a lovely evening with friends or a date. Only drop of bitterness: the tiramisu wasn´t made with mascarpone.

La Gondula  Metro Oberkampf

Homy, cosy , rustic pizza & pasta place, good for lunch. Good with kids too. Pizza with Pistazzio was super good.

IMG_7678 IMG_7680 Pizza with truffle and Panna Cotta with Limoncello cream at Café Martini

The Vietnamese/ Cambodian / Korean & Laotian Wishing-Table

Vietnamese food is a big hit in Paris, even the Chinese take-away will serve Bo(h) Bun ( noodles with beef) and so on… I have never been to Vietnam thus I can´t tell you if they do it right in Paris but I can tell you where I was happy with my meal. Same goes for Cambodian and Korean food. Actually in Beijing the student district Wudaokou is also called Little Korea thus I have had many evenings of delicious and fun Korean BBQ with friends but it´s not the same here… anyway delicious though is Bim Bim Bap at Ibaji. And Cyclo is a nice place for a casual first date while Le Grain du Riz is where I haven eaten most often. To know why click on the marker and read more. // Update 2015/2016: My new favourite Korean in town is Kim&Kim, the BBQ is fun, the food is great and the pricing is more than fair!

Kim & Kim / Metro Nation

My favourite Coreen in town. lunch set menu is perfect for 10€ or 12€. The pancakes, medusa salad and the BBQ are so good! It´s a very simple place, I thinks it´s the Dad and his son running the business, they are nice and the food is great!

Chez Alfred Lao Cuisine / Metro Chemin Vert

Beautiful decoration calming you instantly down once you take place in one of the comfy sofas, a real zen oasis! Food is good, good quality even though I had a bit trouble to see the particular lao tradition in the dishes. (For me it´s south east asian/ thai street food hence a bit pricy for what it is…) Lunch set menu comes at 15 or 20€ and portions are  generous. Alfred is very attentive and nice host.

Le Cambodge / Metro Daumesnil

My favourite Coreen in town. lunch set menu is perfect for 10€ or 12€. The pancakes, medusa salad and the BBQ are so good! It´s a very simple place, I thinks it´s the Dad and his son running the business but they are nice and the food is great!

Le Grain du Riz Metro Voltaire

There is a reason Le Fooding spotted this little gem serving yummy good and finally a place that doesn’t just serve Bun-bun. You are in treat if you have been bored by the other vietnamese places. The owner, a Vietnamese lady in her 60ties always has a big heart and serves you with a big smile. And she always offers me free dessert. 10-15 €

Cyclo Metro Belleville

Cosy place with good food. The ravioli soup is great but make reservations to get a spot. Expect 10-15 Euro per Person

Ibaji Metro Temple

The best bim bim bap in Paris. Also super delicious omelet and meat balls. Lunch set menu goes for 19€ ( kimchi, soup and bim bim bap) but I would recommend to order 1 single bim bim bap and 3 starters to share that´s enough for two and you end up paying the same but get to try more things. ( See picture) abt 40€ for 2

Paris Hanoi Metro Charonne

Expect to queue (especially for lunch) but you are rewarded with big portions and a menu that covers south east asian food.

Le Cambodge / Le Petite Cambodge Metro Concourt

Again, expect to queue and all the classics of vietnamese food in Paris but good quality and nice presentation.   Le Petite Cambodge is just around the corner:  20 Rue Alibert

Jules et Shim  Metro Jacques Borsergant 

Bim bim bap- choose your topping and eat your Korean lunch box there or take it out to canal Saint-Martin and catch some sun.

Les deux Cygnes Metro Bastille

Asian tapas and wine, as usually with tapas you end up with a big bill. Don´t go there hungry. But to pare yummy tapas with a good wine, yes this is a great place!

IMG_1679IMG_4826                                              Bim Bim Bap at Jules et Shim and the omelette at Ibaji

The Chinese Wishing-Table

Chinese food is somehow my comfort food. When I think of cold winter days I long for hot pot. And pretty often I long for Di San Xian – the 3 treasures of the Earth, my favourite dish back “home” in Beijing. Soup with Jiaozi (ravioli) is one of the first things I have in mind when I think of Shanghai, this hot, fantastic, humid, earthy to mustiness smelling place with a purple sky. I still haven´t found any place that is serving Di San Xian in Europe thus I make it myself. But I have found a few decent places that serve decent Chinese food. And I even found my beloved century eggs/ 皮蛋 (black preserved eggs). Thanks to a huge Chinese Community in Paris you can find not everything but almost everything here!

Chez Xu / Metro Art et Métiers  (2016)

Great surprise in old China town of Paris. Squeeze in on own of the tables and have some real chinese food! abt 10€ per person

Mum Dim Sum / Metro Palais Royal/ Les Halles

cantonese take away, a bit expensive for what it is… but dim sum tends to be expensive in Europe. At least good quality,  funky dim sum of the month and a nice setting. 10-15€ without drinks.

Deux fois plus piment /Metro Richard-Lenoir

Hmm, so spicy! The Sichuan ravioli are just delicious. Young Asian crowd who loves spicy food is usually hanging out here mixed with some first dates and people from the neighborhood. I have been coming back to this place several times. It´s really good even though you should´t be in a hurry. Service is slow and it´s always packed thus consider making a reservation or come early. 15-20€ p.p. Lunch set menu during the week from 6-9€ ( They have opened a 2nd shop in the Marais called Trois fois plus piment)

Ravioli Chinoise Nord-Est /  Metro Belleville

Just feeling like back home in Beijing. Due to recommendations in the Lonely Planet filled with English speakers but still the best ravioli in town in a little shop filled with neon light. The owners are very nice. Don´t miss out on the medusa salad! 5-10€ p.p.

Nanchang /  Metro Charonne

Chinese BBQ and Nanchang clay pot soup in a retro place- think Mao posters and culture revolution decoration including plats and mugs. Young Chinese student crowd. Only opens for dinner. 10-20€ p.p.

Un grand Bol / Metro Belleville

Real Chinese food , very tasty and another gem in the sadly mediocre Chinese restaurant scene of Belleville. 15-20€ p.p

Le Celeste Gourmand  / Metro Hotel de Ville

Serves black eggs, also called Century eggs or 皮蛋! Yummy! Also got good marmite pots. Good pricing, especially for the area. 20€ + p.p

Au Poivre du Szechuan / Metro Belleville

Again spicy! And lot´s of cumin. But that´s what the heart wants when looking for Szechuan food. The lamb dish is very good. Approx. 15 €

The Thai Wishing-Table

Thai cuisine is brilliantly complex tasting and known for it is amazing balance of sour, sweet, spicy, bitter and salty. Every dish is supposed to balance these flavours therefore you find a pinch of salt in your mango juice and even something is burning hot there might be the sweetness of peanuts or the fresh lemon to balance the spiciness. When you eat with Thai people you should not be surprised to talk about food the entire dinner, maybe just about one dish. I have witnessed hours of discussion about the perfect fish head soup from which are the right ingredients to who does it best his grandmother or this restaurant or someone at the table. There is a genuine enthusiasm in Thai culture for food and cooking that is just adorable. And Thai cuisine offers a wide range of fresh and surprising dishes that you get tired trying more. But after living a year in Thailand I got very picky and too often I am disappointed how the chef adjusted the dish to the western tongue… fair enough as he has a business he needs to keep going but sad for my palate. No, actually it´s sad for everybody, Thai cuisine is delicious and people should open up to the fireworks of spices on their tongue. So about once a week I make a Thai soup or Thai curry at home from scratch. And when I say from scratch I mean it, I´d never use a Thai curry paste from the shop. If I don´t have the time yet long for some hopefully exciting food I might go to one of these places:

Nom Nom  Metro Richard-Lenoir

Little old thai lady serving fish in banana leaves, chicken curry, sticky sticks and yummy coconut balls. Expect 4-6 euro for lunch.

Doi Suthep (traiteur)  Metro Richard Lenoir

Delivers the food to Doi Suthep Restaurant (No.36) down the street but here you pay less and have bigger portions. Expect 5-10 Euro including drinks.

Lao Siam  Metro Belleville

Try the “crying Tiger” if you like it spicy!Tthis place has good food, nice staff and is always busy. Make an reservation if you don´t wanne queue for dinner.  Good place for dates or with a bunch of friends. Approx. 20€ p.p.

Madame Shawn  Metro Jacques-Borsengent

Upscale Thai if you need to pamper yourself in a nice setting. But a tasty curry without rice will cost you 12-15 Euro. Not easy on the wallet. Approx. 30 € p.p.

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