The Basque Country is just stunning beautiful. I spent my late childbed there which was great but if I would have been fitter I would have been able to explore more. And that´s what you wanna do there cause it has so much to offer. The beautiful coast with many different beaches, picturesque villages, delicious basque cherry cakes, hikes in the Pyrenees, kayaking, horse riding…

We stayed in a townhouse in Biarritz which was just perfect and 3 min walk to the main beach and a 15min walk to the market hall. You should´t miss the market hall. It´s a cute market with fresh and local products. On the right side you have fish and fruits de mer and on the left you have everything else, both halls invite you to eat at the place. Or you just go outside and grab a bite in one of the tapas bars around the market. We had a perfect delicious dinner Le Bistro des Halles next door where they set up a table for us outside thus we have enough space for the stroller. And just stones throw away is Bonheur- La maison du Hamburger where André will welcome you with a big smile and a joke on his lips at all times while serving you a truly yummy burger. And isn´t a great burger with French Fries the perfect food after a day at the beach anyway? Furthermore he helped us to carry the stroller inside. And that´s what´s best about Biarritz : the people! They are friendly, laid back and always ready to help. There is no “vous” everybody just calls you casually by “tu” and just like that you have arrived in your holidays. Pack your towel and your Espandrilles and off you go for an easy going beach holiday. What´s pretty cool is that every beach has a food truck or bar where you can get cold beverages, coffee, wine and sandwiches/burgers. The most “expensive” coffee was 1,50€. Even the almost abandoned beach Lafitenia has on the top a food truck and some deck chairs to watch the ocean and the people paragliding here. On the beach itself you will find only a ruin of a restaurant and a shower which is still working. The beach is beautiful as the forest just hits the sand and somehow you feel like you are on a beach in Asia. But if you are at the main beach of Biarritz town (Grande Plage) don´t miss the best ice cream I have ever had in France, try the chocolate and caramel at least! And not far away just behind the Orthodox Church in Rue de la Bergerie you find many great food shops if you are planning on a beach picnic. By the way the cheese with truffles from the Cremerie St Charles was superb.


  • Cote Basque – the famous one
  • Plage du Port Vieux – the kid-friendly one
  • Plage Lafitenia – the hidden wild one
  • Promedande de la Plage (Guéthary) – the calm one
  • Plage de la Petite Chambre d Amour – the cool one

IMG_6362 Plage du Vieux Port

The California of Europe is not only a great spot for surfers and sun worth shippers. Actually you would miss out on a lot if you just hang on the beach. We had fun watching a Pelota game at Sare where we also had the most delicious cherry cake ever from Hotel Arraya. On the way there you can stop and take the train up La Rhune which is considered to be a holy mountain in Basque culture. Instead of going by train you can hike up to La Rhune, calculate about 5h to go up there. There are many beautiful villages, mythic places,hikes, rivers for kayaking, golf courses and horse classes in the region. We did´t make it to Espalette where the famous chilli comes from. But we will be back when our baby is old enough to enjoy beaches and mountains. Actually I don´t think it´s possible to get bored there even with 4 weeks holidays on your hands.

IMG_6322 View from the village Sare

All places and more are marked in the map. Click on the marker for a short description. Red markers: restaurants/ food/ market , orange marker: sightseeing , blue markers: beaches