Situated along the English Channel coast of Northern France between Brittany, to the West and Picardy to the East, Normandy is an ideal holiday location to discover new scenery and superb beaches. Fine parks and chateaux are not to miss. It´s an ideal holiday destination with easy access from Paris. And perfect with children if you like (stoney) beaches (to collect people stones and crabs), luscious scenery for walks and hikes, great food and for rainy days many great backup activities like visiting a snail farm or goat cheese farm. As Normandy is very rural you will find animal farms that are welcoming families for stays or just visits all over. Also carriage rides are available. We personally go to Normandy cause it`s only a 2.5h drive till we are at the beach and the scenery is just beautiful to go for hikes and walks – the perfect city break from Paris. Not to forget that eating out here is easy on your wallet.

(Mesnil Plage, Guernanville, Condé-sur-Iton) (Header pic: Varengville-sur-mer)


Le Piano de Jean Noel
Absolutely a place to recommend, it´s a small place with about 6 tables, it´s just 1 chef and 1 waitress thus bring some time. They offer a creative cuisine featuring seasonal products of the region. I had tender porc on jerusalem artichoke , rutabaga and parsnip followed by rice pudding with caramel beurre salé. The others had cod fish on vegetables. Lunch menu is about 20€ for 3 courses, otherwise expect a la carte 24-51€. Nice to know maybe, we have been there with our baby (12 month) and there was another family with a little girl 4/5 years old, the service is kids-friendly.
Le Mêle Anges
Little restaurant tucked away from the main street, very friendly and kids friendly service. Good place to go if you are tired of eating everything drawing in cream and butter as it´s typical for Normandy. They have a spicy african chicken and the St.Pierre fish I had cameo vegetables with kaffir lime and citronella. They don´t use microwaves or frozen food and work with regional farms. We had a fois gras à la Benedictine , St. Pierre fish, yaella chicken, strawberry macaron (perfect) caramel fondant. Seasonal, regional, creative and traditional cuisine, lunch menu 15€, menu for 25€ & 35 € or à la carte 10-37€.
La Marine
Chic restaurant close to the beach featuring fish and seafood. The cooking is in between classic, traditional and creative.Very friendly service, kids are welcome. Usually I am not a fan of oysters but this is the first time in my life I liked them. Quality is a game changer. I had salmon carpaccio as a starter, ray as a main and tiramisu caramel beurre salé to finish off. Lunch set menu is about 22€. Tasting menu : 35 and 45€ and à la carte 20-45€. Good to know: Kids menu available!
Chez Nounoute
Does´t look like much at first but the quality of the food speaks for it self! No bling bling, lots of locals eating here, friendly staff, kids are welcome. I had a sole and one of the best creme brûlée I have ever tasted! Fish and seafood 9-25€. Next time I try the mussels with French fries, I was told they have the top quality here.
La Rouge
at Auberge de la Rouge. I have a very romantic memory of our dinner here. Service was great, very friendly and thoughtful, food was well presented and delicious. A spot for celebrating your anniversary or for a special date. Traditional, Classic French, Moderne, Creative – 15 € à 107 €


Le P`tit Jean
Little restaurant (abt 8 tables) 50m from the beach with a friendly service offering a very good mix of fish & seafood and classic French cooking. We will be back. Kids are welcome. Lunch menu 15-25€.
La Pile d’Assiettes
Slow food  in Treport. Nice little restaurant with great quality food in the slow food spirit. The owner is just a bit difficult with babies and pets are not allowed.  But the food was really good thus I recommend it anyway.
La Veille Ferme
Kid-friendly service, yummy fish soup. Chic setting in a 18th century farmhouse. Tasting menu starts at 28€ or a la carte 10-30€.
A la marmite dieppoise
Traditional Nornand cusine , think sauerkraut in creme with fish or fish and sea food in butter and cream.  It´s on the more expensive end of restaurants in Dieppe but worth it. We had really trouble to find good food in Dieppe and after one other restaurant we even fell sick. So a la marmite is worth it.
Café des Tribunaux
The famous one where Oscar Wilde got kicked out, today packed with tourists on the terrace. The waffles are great and we came here for breakfast twice.
La Maison de Jules
Nice little tea room with good coffee and homemade cake.
Chez Marion
We had a fabulous dinner here with fish 6 seafood. The atmosphere is nice and they bring the cheese and the dessert later on a silvern serving trolley! But be aware that in the Normandy if you ask for calvados you will get a calvados menu- in this case from a glass starting at 12€ up to a bottle for more than a 1000€.