Again French tonight? Nah… again Italian or Vietnamese? Japanese you just had last week? And Chinese with your colleagues? Sometimes you need something different for a change. Paris is the perfect place to try the plates from around the world. How about time travelling and going to for Armenian family cooking tonight? I love trying new favours and dishes therefore one of my rules of what to order is I take the thing I have never heard of before and if I prepare that myself at home quiet often I don´t order it in a restaurant. I go out dinning to experience something different. To be honest, sometimes I end up starring at the other one´s plate who ordered something “safe”. But sometimes I am filled with frolic joy of discovering a new palate or a vegetable I haven´t ever seen before. And it makes me happy like a little girl on Christmas. Hence I should especially mention Les balades gourmandes de Mehdi Kabboul at le Bistro Méricourt : the best dinner I have had in a very long time! A talented and kind chef who prepares a surprise dinner for you. And they were so sweet preparing everything extra for me due to my pregnancy. The service was great, very attentive with a big smile and nice fun conversation to guess what the chef had prepared for us. All 4 of us had a fun night out and decided to next time order the 5 courses menu instead of the 3 courses! Food was just divine and I was told that the wine went perfectly with it. My discovery of the evening the “fleur de capre”- very yummy. The chef and the service team won my heart by storm! We will be back!


Bar du Marché ♥ Metro Bastille

We had a blast! Come here on a Sunday after the market and try to get a spot on the bar with the workers from the market finishing their day of with a glass of wine. Or get a table and try one of Chef Nathalie`s great dishes with fresh ingredients from the market. The makes 2 starters, 2 main and 2 dessert on the spot, we were very pleased. The bar was packed, people were great, everybody loved our baby us she was entertained and we stayed more than 3h there. Highly recommend! Perfect lunch for a Sunday and to get a feeling why the 11th is the best!

MamaBali  Metro Saint-Maur / St.-Ambroise

This spa serves a great indonesian lunch set menu for 14€. Very friendly place with a Zen atmosphere , fresh food, balinese style. (baby-friendly lunch) They also sell a combo of massage/ spa and detox lunch if you need to pamper yourself on a rainy day in Paris… and we all know there are many rainy days here.

Bistro Méricourt ♥ Metro Saint-Ambroise / Richard Lenoir

Les balades gourmandes de Mehdi Kabboul – @ le bistro méricourt : the best dinner I have had in a very long time! Talented chef, great service & divine food. Go if you need to pamper yourself! It´s a menu de degustation for 35€ or 55€, next time I take the 55 one cause it was so worth it! Such a fun dinner, you get to guess what the chef prepared for you. And they were so sweet matching everything to my pregnancy! I´ll be back!

Dune ♥ (Mediterranean/vegan options)   Metro Bastille

Lovely restaurant , Mediterranean decor, super friendly service, really good food with a nice twist. Plus the kitchen changes things for you even during the busy lunch hours, like creating something warm and vegetarian. Lunch menu comes at 15€, perfect value deal. Dinner is a big expensive in comparison. But one of the cleanest and biggest toilets I have ever seen in Paris… Perfect to catch up with a friend for lunch. Crowded with Parisian mid twenties to mid thirties working around Bastille. 15€ lunch & abt 35€ dinner per person.

Afghanistan ♥  Metro Saint-Ambroise / Saint-Maur

Lots of cardamon, cumin and coriander. I had a delicious lamb on quince in lemon /coriander sauce. Make a reservation, this cosy place with afghan music playing gets packed and be ready that service is very, very slow. You should have at least 3h for your dinner and expect to pay 25-30€ p.p.

Maison de la culture Arménienne ♥   Metro Cadet

Hiding in a courtyard you step into another time, it´s a bit like time traveling back to Soviet Union with Stalin posters and men smoking cigars playing poker. We ate well, including 3 courses each, Armenian beer and coffee we payed 45 Euro for 3 people!

Les Délices d’Aphrodite  Metro Censier-Daubenton

Upscale greek in the 5th. For the first time I liked greek food which usually for my taste is too fat/oily or a bit boring with plain rice. Not the case here, good surprise but kind of pricy. (abt 90€ for 2 people)

El Guacamole ♥  Metro Jacques Boersergent

This Brazilian place calls it´s cooking “cuisine creative” and that´s what you get: Brazilian with a french twist, well presented. Reservations recommended and be prepared for Parisian portions.
Lunch Set menu: 15 or 20 Euro. Monday to Friday 12-14.30 Thursday and Friday: 19:30-22:30

Le Comptoir General Metro Jacques Boersergent

Restaurant, bar, museum, flea market and garden in one place. Some people say it has a Berlin vibe. Food : stuff like fried bananas and chicken wings African style. Entrance: you will be asked for a donation

The Sunken Chip  Metro Jacques Boersergent

Sometimes fish and chips is the only comfort food that will do. Of course homemade is the best but here you will be happy too. Set menu 14 Euro, for children 10 Euro.

Paris Lisboa Metro Ledru Rollin

Wine bar with a la carte menu : starters 6 Euro, mains 12 , desserts 2-8. Sun at noon to sip your coffee and relax like in Lisboa while watching this very busy and hip corner of Paris.

My Food  Metro Robespierre

South-African BBQ! Not for vegetarians. It´s all abt meat here. Carnivore galore!

Tempero Metro Chevaleret

The Brazilian place calls it´s cooking “cuisine creative” and that´s what you get: Brazilian with a french twist, well presented. Reservations recommended and be prepared for Parisian portions.
Lunch Set menu: 15 or 20 Euro. Monday to Friday 12-14.30 Thursday and Friday: 19:30-22:30

Café Smörgras  Metro République

Serving Swedish, organic lunch and cinnamon rolls. This is a cosy, clean place to take a break from busy “République”. They have a daily soup and different topped dark bread slices, apple juice, tee and filtered coffee. The coffeeshop is part of the boutique “La Trésorerie” where you find  high quality products for your home made in Europe. Take a peak! From carpets and cushions to knifes and paint. Lunch is 8-14€.  By the way in case you are now in a shopping mood or you are looking for a present just across the street you will find Jamini , a boutique offering beautiful scarfs made out of peace silk (like the Buddhist monks wear), pillows and plaids. The owner is very nice and does the designs herself.